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For the next 6 months Mick aided the team in correcting aberrations to the timeline, though still partook in thieving whenever possible, eventually encountering Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash and his team . Recently Mick has begun to display amicable affections for fellow team member and JSA war hero Amaya Jiwe/Vixen , which has caused him to question his place on the team having been both a hero and a villain in the manifestation of a hallucination of Snart's criminal self. After encountering a version of Snart, prior to joining the Legends, recruited into the Legion of Doom Mick came to believe the Legends never valued him and he sided with them, allowing them to obtain the Spear of Destiny and rewrite reality. Finally, Mick made the right decision and became a member of the Legends when he realized that his real place was with them.

After the Condesce took over Earth , she enforced a system of culture and reproduction onto the humans that was similar to that of the trolls. Consequently, Roxy's Mom and Dirk's Bro can be seen as ancestors to Roxy and Dirk, respectively.

The gas tank is held by one screw and nut, and when the gland nut is undone from the jet holder, the tank lifts clear. There are two gland nuts to remove the lubricator and then one screw underneat, through a frame spacer, holds the burner mount in position. This is, in turn, held on to the boiler by a boiler band. I removed the burner from the mount (two screws) and then tackled the superheater tube. I used a tight fitting spanner on the fixed nut, and used an adjustable spanner on this to twist it gently, just enough so that it would pass through the flue. You can see the method here (this was on re-assembly, but it is the same technique).

Chronos - Travelling Summer TalesChronos - Travelling Summer TalesChronos - Travelling Summer TalesChronos - Travelling Summer Tales